How to Pursue a Woman – The Ultimate Ways to Pursue the Woman of Your Dreams

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How To Pursue a WomanWomen are known to be romantic and passionate in every relationship that they get into – but this only comes out of a woman who trusts a man completely. If you haven’t reached that stage yet, then I’m afraid you still got a lot of bridges to cross. As a man, you have to understand that women are complex in nature, hence pursuing them is going to be one hell of a ride! So for those of you who wanting to know how to pursue a woman, get ready for some mind buggin’ games.

Generally, women want to be pursued – they love being showered with affection and attention. But the problem is, they’re not going admit to it just like that. Most of the time, she’ll keep you adrift in her guessing game and more of than not, men are left clueless about how to pursue a woman he likes. So before I end up with a 2000-word post here, let’s get to my top 5 favorite ways to pin down the woman of your dreams.

Rule#1: No howling and shouting from across the street when she passes by

How To Pursue A WomanThis may sound really cool to you guys, but for women, it’s a big turn off! Sure she got some really nice ass, but that doesn’t mean you can watch her from afar and call her attention by shouting “hey sexy!” or whatever pickup lines that you know of. For any decent woman, that would be a big insult.

Perhaps a more acceptable tactic is to approach her like a real man would and perhaps ask for her name, start a conversation, find out what she does and finally get her number. You can pretend to be a potential client for her business (if she has one) so she’ll feel more comfortable giving you her digits.

Rule #2: Be consistent!

Did your mother ever tell you not to start something that you can’t finish? Well that’s very much applicable in pursuing a woman. You need to show consistency. So if you started calling her that night and finally got her to say yes to a dinner date with you, you can’t just stop calling her after the first date. Or if you do, make sure you won’t be calling her EVER again.

Rule #3: Be friends with her friends

This is probably the most important rule of all – NEVER HATE HER FRIENDS (at least when you’re still trying to pursue her). Women have this weird connection with their girlfriends and no matter what you do, you just can’t get in the middle of that.

So the only choice you have is to learn to like her friends, go out with them once in a while, impress them a bit and make sure you have their votes! Trust me, you’ll never know how much her friends can help you get her to say “YES”.

Rule #4: For God’s sake, don’t make her pay for dinner!

While the women of today get to earn as much as you do, or sometimes even bigger, DO NOT EVER MAKE HER SPEND HER MONEY ON  A DATE WITH YOU – especially on first dates. Or we can also say don’t ask her out when you’re broke! Once you’ve become more comfortable with each other, then perhaps you can be more honest with her about money matters, but for now, all the investments must come from you.

Rule #5: Be persistent, not annoying

This can be the trickiest rule of how to pursue a woman because there’s actually a very thin line that separates persistency and annoyance. But here’s a rule of thumb: Do not insist on what you want all the time. Give her the option to say no to a date with you, and don’t “act like the boyfriend” when you know you’re still not.

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