How to Woo a Girl: 15 Ways to Make Sweep a Girl Off Her Feet

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How to Woo A GirlHave you ever wondered what it takes to make a girl dream about you every night? Do you ever think of the time when you two are together and she just can’t help but stare at you with mesmerized eyes?

You can discover the exact methods of doing this if you know how to woo a girl by increasing your self confidence. There are various ways that you can gain her attention and eventually get her attracted to you. So below I’m going to give you 15 ways on how to woo a girl and get her to fall in love with you in no time!

How to Woo a Girl: 15 Mesmerizing Moves to Woo a Girl

  1. How to Woo A GirlDon’t be scared to approach a girl that you like. But make sure to study her body language before doing so to avoid any problem.
  2. Show her that you’re interested – may it be in the way you act when she’s around, or the way you talk to her. Make sure she feels special. Treat her the way you won’t treat all the other girls out there.
  3. Keep an eye contact – girls love it when you look into their eyes often, especially when you’re talking to them.
  4. Be extra sweet and caring – the trick in how to woo a girl is to make her feel like she’s all that matters; Do this by being extra sweet and caring in ways like opening the doors for her or buying her something to eat when you know she’s too busy with stuff.
  5. Display authority – I remember one friend told me: Girls unconsciously look for the qualities of their father in men that they’re dating. Show her you can lead a pack, or even just a small group in your Science class.
  6. Whisper sweet nothings – girls just can’t resist this move!
  7. Let her watch you work – if you’re working on anything – may it be a project or a new song that you’re doing, invite her over and allow her to see how you work. She’ll see you as someone who is responsible, and that will surely make you a boyfriend material.
  8. Be kind to others – do this even when she’s not around (remember how words fly).
  9. Make her laugh often – girls don’t really want an overly serious companion – it will eventually bore them! Bring out the humorous side of you and make her laugh so loud that she’ll want to be with you every day of her life.
  10. Get to know her friends – for girls, friends are a big part of their lives. Make sure that you get along with her friends well.
  11. Spend quality time with her – invite her out for a Sunday lunch or an afternoon at her favorite hangout.
  12. Get to know her family – this is your chance to show her family that you are worthy of their precious princess.
  13. Listen to everything she has to say – ALWAYS pay attention to her when she’s talking (yes, even if your phone is ringing).
  14. Don’t forget the special dates – birthdays, Valentine’s day, Christmas day and all the other important dates for her – all these you need to memorize by heart.
  15. Tell her she’s the prettiest girl in town – well of course, girls often think there are a lot of other girls prettier than them – but one of the best ways in how to woo a girl is to tell her she is indeed the prettiest you’ve known even if she denies it every time.


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